A journey through the perfumes

and flavors of our company

The tuscan flatbread

The “SchiacciataToscana” also called “ciaccia” or “schiaccia” or “stiacciata all olio”: crushed bread to the oil is a typical “peasant’s plate”, which origin is as ancient as uncertain. It seems in effect that at the time it was a dough disk obtained by mixing water and various types of grain and then “crushed or pressed” to be baked on fiery hot stones. Later on in the Middle Age, in Tuscany, they started to bake in ovens!!

The bread

From the great Tuscan classics, whole or sliced, to the most delicious sandwiches, the production of AQA flour offers a wide and complete range, a response to every need.

The soft

Our Soft flavored “Schiacciate soffici” of Aqa Farina were born from a long accurate research in our laboratories partying from our classic and timeless Classic “ Schiacciata Toscana” . To the mixture of our traditional Tuscan “ Schiacciata”, we have added tasty and genuine ingredients obtaining incredible flavors, from the most delicate to the most vivid one! In 210 grams of “Soffice focaccia alla toscana, in an unique product, tradition and innovation.


The stuffed

From snack bars to aperitifs, to the accompanying service of a luxury restaurant, from the simple snack out of a tireless worker, to the genuine snack that the thoughtful moms want for their own son.

The tasty

A taste for every palate, a color for every thought. They are among the most fun and crappy products of AQA farina. They offer an extremely diversified assortment, suitable for any kind of connoisseur, a true mix of ancient tastes that remind us of our infants, and the new combinations that seek the most curious palate.

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Tuscan cuisine contains a strong confectionery tradition, ours, of AQA flour, are delicious products made by Fornai and not pastry, prepared with simple and genuine food, sweet which are still made today following the ancient recipes handed down by our president Umberto .

Always closer to your demands

We can offer our products fresh, as well as pre-cooked and frozen.



The fresh product is ready for consumption, baked in our ovens every morning is ideal for getting into your activities as soon as possible.



Precooked offers the opportunity to have every day a fresh product with the convenience of being able to bake it any time of the day. Our pre-cooked products maintain the characteristics of the fresh product, offering customers a greater selection and the aroma of a freshly baked product at any time.



Choosing a frozen product allows you to expand horizons, saving you both, time and distance. A formula that allows those one near and far to enjoy the fully flavors and scents of the products as if they had just been baked.

Check out the product files of your interest and do not hesitate to ask for further details and information.